How an agent operate Yacht Sales?

Yacht sales

The agent who owned a shipyard always handling some owned yacht and some customer yacht. They can operate the maintenance by their own and also they can Yacht Sales / Yacht Charter as full rounded service.

According to Eric from Deepsea Marine, a yacht agent in HK, he well arrange the flow of yacht sales, such that he gained the repetition from his customers. Below he shared the experience and his insight about his work.

Hong Kong people want to own a yacht of their own, enjoy life and enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean, but it is impossible. As long as the goal of buying a yacht is set, we will definitely help you with a simple and perfect after-sale service.

Yachts Sales / Boat sales in Hong Kong have prospered in the past decade, and yacht berths have also become less and less. Whether buying a new yacht or a second-hand yacht, the first consideration is berth. As long as you find a suitable yacht size and ideal place, the most important thing is. When you own a yacht, you need to find a full-time captain with rich driving experience and knowledge of maritime safety. A full-time captain will do a good job in daily cleaning services and maintenance. If the ship owner does not frequently use the vessel and does not want to hire a full-time captain, we also provide quality custody services. We also have our own shipyard, where we do maintenance, inspection and repair of the bottom of the vessel every year, and we can also provide services. So choosing a high-quality after-sales service team is very important.

When buying a second-hand ship, you only need to pay attention to reaching the speed of the ship, the engine has been used for time, the fuel is exhausted, or the ship itself can carry a large number of people, so when buying a second-hand ship, find a qualified surveyor to evaluate the quality of the ship and whether all the instruments are working properly . A tip than everyone else, if the engine room of a second-hand ship is clean, without rust and water accumulation, the quality of the yacht should not be too bad.